There are many Ukay Ukay (used) dress in Cebu.
This dress is not only famous for class c and d but also for class b.

The used shoes will cost you P100 to P200

The T-shirt and blouse will cost you P75 below

Visit Tabunok in Talisay City every afternoon
Prices are all time low.
Pants and short is worth P100 to P200

Comment are very much Welcome

DepEd Teacher

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  1. shoes for P100 to P200. so cool!

  2. Where in Talisay?
    What specific Place?

  3. Its 10km south of Cebu. The Ukay Ukay kapital of Cebu Province

  4. is it possible to export ukay ukay?
    im here in cyprus, i want to try the business but i'm not sure if it's allowed.. please let me know.

  5. Ukay ukay is for the 3rd world country who can not afford branded and expensive dress.

    But if you insist i can arrange with your requirements.

  6. Everyone is trying to save a few pesos these days and this is a good place to start. Philippine Bargains blog You will be amazed at the bargains you will find.

  7. Salamat diay sa mga pictures nimo. Pagkadako na saka usab ang Tabunok, wa na nako na recognized.

    Question: Diin man ni gikan ang mga used clothing sa ukay ukay?

  8. Nangutana ko sa ilaha but dili man sila mag tubag sa ilaha source..

  9. That's okay ug daghang salamat for trying. Gusto lang nako mo reacquainted myself sa amoa. Hope to see more pictures of Tabunok.

  10. what part of tabunok do you want to see?

  11. Oh gosh, any pictures of Tabunok and Talisay would be great. I was raised in Tabunok, baptized in St. Therese in Talisay, went to school in St. Scholastica's Academy and got married in St. Joseph Church. I have been gone for 37 years and my last visit was 25 years ago. I think it's time for me to visit home, God willing.

  12. wow 25 years and not visiting Cebu you are amazing...

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