Carabao Race in kabanhawan 2009

Annual Carabao Race

Kabanhawan Pictures
In full speed. This man got the semi final

Painting in Cebu Pictures
On the spot painting competition

Cebu Daily Pictures

The Championship level

Daily Photos

Everyone enjoy the morning activity.

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  1. Ah the pictures! Interesting carabao race! Are these carabao really fast? They seem to be - in pictures!

  2. Not so fast actually. This race become comedy because some carabao took another way after reaching the returning point. The other fell from the Carabao

  3. «Louis» added a llink to your blog. He appreciates your visits. He's so busy with his espresso shop, he has little time to visit.

  4. Hi Louis, thank you for exchange links. You have a nice photo of SF. You know its my dream to travel in this place because we only see this in a movie

  5. saan exactly ang kabanhawan?

  6. that i like to witness. you should include the details as i am interested to see it next year if time permits.

  7. Hi Cebu Princess. Thank you for the offer. I am accepting that with honor. Just provide me the image and I will post and link it back to you.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry, Cebu Princess, the message about the "Offer" was a mistake. :)
    I apologize

  9. Ok, you got me confused. I thought my eyes tricked me.
    Ok ako sa sinabi mo, Cebuanong Hilaw. :)

  10. nice picx!!! asa na dapit?? sure jd naa carabao race? heehheehhe.. pila ang price??!! wish i could go there soon... weeeeeeeeeeeee...

  11. wow your site rocks heheh I like to see like this entertainment....

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