Boracay Sunset

Not only foreign visitors love to visit Boracay Beach Resort but also the local tourist specially actors and actress.

Boracay Resort
You will also see most of the businessman or entrepreneur and ordinary professionals in Boracay Beach Resort conducting their team building activities

Boracay White Sand
With good salary received working as virtual assistant services for foreign companies like the Philippines call center, these agents are now using Boracay beach resort as they vacation destination. Surely your stress will be relieve as they said Boracay Beach Resort is an experience of a life time.

Sand in Boracay
Unfortunately, ordinary government employees like teachers, nurses, soldier and policemen can not afford to visit Boracay Beach Resort because of low salary their receive from Government.

Resort in Boracay Island

In this portion you will see the Boracay Island Hotels. They will not disappoint your vacation. You have many options that suit well with  your budget.

Boracay Beach Resorts is located in western Visayans region of the Philippines It is 1 hour airplane away south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay. It is the country's number one tourist destinations. The Island owing its vulnerability in tourism economy is now under the administrative control of the Philippine National Government through PTA with the coordination local government of Aklan.

Boracay Ladies
Recently, Boracay Beach Resort is become the subject of legal battle among businessman who wanted to put up their hotel and resort in this Island. Not only local businessman but foreign company is now pursuing to have own parcel of land for their resort business.
Nevertheless, the issue did not stop the growth of Boracay Island Hotels because the business growth in this resort island is no longer stoppable.

This have been target of your blog author who will be assisting an essay writing company in the future or sometime in Septermber. He and his family have long wished to visit this Boracay Beach Resort.

Boracay Cave
Boracay Beach
Boracay Beach Resort is not only good in daylight but also at night. Here Disco and bar are alive until morning. You can mingle not only with locals but also with foreigners.

Resort in Philippines
Boracay Picture
Boracay Swimmer

These will be the last Boracay Pictures as per request by some visitors.

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  1. oh.. never been there.

  2. Gorgeous photographs I would love to visit the Boracay Beach Resort, it looks so beautiful and fun.

  3. im not sure if it's the number destination in the country but i somewhat remember that it's still cebu. ill double check the latest data sent by DOT.

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