There is a roaming email around about Free Sony-Ericson Laptop. The rule is simple, send it to 20 friend through email and get the chance of winning laptop.

According to bloggosphere and confirmed by Sony-Ericson this email campaign is not true. They do not have this promo and they claimed that competitors might doing a dirty tactics to mislead consumer about Sony Ericson products.

So if receive this kind of email, send it back to your sender and said this is fake promo. To read more about this hoax email campaign, visit the news on

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  1. i've received this email just once.
    i replied to the sender immediately that i won't forward it coz i doubt if it's true *hehe*
    since then, i've never received any of that email anymore.
    i actually rarely forward those kinds of emails. :)

  2. I also receive an email just as exactly like that.... I doubted.

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