The front view of this triangle structure.

Tourist enjoys not only but the white sand just at the back of this structure.

The side of the tourist spot building here in Bohol

Edge view.

It is said... Build through the supervision of Recoletos for the patron St Vincent Ferrer
as a watch tower again incoming pirate known as Moro raider in the year 1768. The  structure is made of corals in a shape of pyramid and hexagonal at the lower portion. The structure survived both the Filipino American war and World War 2 even the Japanese burned the whole town of Maribojoc. This is architectural design by the Spaniards yet locally design by Bohol artist. This structure is declared as National Historical Building last 2009.

The soldier's position.

Not only the historical structure that you will enjoy here but also the beach. This place is consider as one of the cheapest beach resort here in Bohol.

Cebu Image post for the picture in watch tower - Bohol

watch tower - Bohol

Visitors can hire this boat for only P1500 Island Hopping adventure.

Boat for Island Hopping

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  1. Been to to this beautiful island many years ago. Feel like go back for a visit and may be spend 2 weeks there.

  2. Very nice tourist destination. One day when I'll finished all my business works here in the Philippines, I will take my chance to travel around its beautiful spots.

  3. Nice pictures of the scenic views of Bohol.

  4. Philippines are a great place to live for. One of these destinations is in the Bohol that many tourists love it most and I am hoping that if I have a chance for my vacation I want to go in Bohol someday.

    Greg | Travel Philippines

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