This is the crystal clear water of the Virgin Island in Bantayan.

This is the only portion that is suitable for swimming or outing. Too many visitors arrives in this location during summer.

While swimming at the edge of the rock overlooking the side of the Virgin Island

The main sand or beach where you will not see the cottage.

Sand Bar or Barrier is good in the morning specially high tide. Its actually like an sand island during high tide but in low tide you can walk from the main beach. Its too hot which is unhealthy for swimming or sand bathing.

Sand Bar Bantayan Island
Sand Bar Bantayan IslandIt was taken at about 1pm so my wife just able to walk through.

Sand Bar Bantayan Island
This is the side view

Sand Bar Bantayan Island
I tell you this is the best during morning not only its good for activity while you are surrounded by water but there are lots of foreigner like korean and american sand bathing there.

The sand bar portion of the Sta Fe Beach is just in from of the Budyong Beach Resort

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