The good thing in this town is that they have technical college. The Salazar College of Science and Institute of Technology

Highway going back to Sante Fe Town

Here there are no street competitor but you can still get the speed that you like because of the crack in the road

Bantayan Municipal Terminal

Their public market

You will see the unique transportation in Bantayan. A jeepney design run by motorcycle

Seawall in Bantayan

Municipality of Bantayan Town

Norkis Store


Old style house or window dated Spanish Era

Phil post still open because of few internet connections

Here is the unique transportation system. It is powered usually by Honda or Yamaha
(With the help of used car under $1000 dealer.)

Basketball is favorite fast time of peace loving folks

Nursery Center

Bantayan Fire Station

Inside the Church

A Spanish model Church

Saint Paul Academy

Saint Paul and Peter Parish

Pathway to Town Park

Bantayan Town Park

This is good place not only for family but for dating.

Bantayan Town basketball court

Antique Houses following Spanish time

More old houses in Bantayan Cebu

Typical Jose Rizal Era of House

Food shop at the town entrance.

Honda Motors in Bantayan Town

Bantayan Pubic High School

Main Town Street

More Streets

Bantayan Elementary School

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