Saint James Amusement Park is located in North Reclamation area just in from of Parkmall.

I think they got 6 or 7 amusement rides which is good for your P500 ride all you can. You can ride all the facilities in just 1 hour since it is too fast. I think it is less than 3 minutes and you are done with a ride.

This one is not for young children. The crew do not have clear guidelines on what age can ride but as a father and an experienced in Starcity , Boom na Boom and Enchanted Kindom goers, i find their rules to weak as a mother ride on big boat with her baby. (They quit in a few swing with baby already in color red)

This bump car is 3 tokens per ride. In short there are no need for token. Just pay P105 per person at any age and you got the ride.

See, its 3 tokens worth P35 each.

Clean comport room at least - hehehe

 Saint James Amusement Park

 Saint James Amusement Park
 Saint James Amusement Park
 Saint James Amusement Park

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  1. I went there with my friends tonite and had a wild time they make a sale of 50 pesos entrance and then the rides are 1/2 off discounted so much enjoy the show of the stage watch it two times! Grabe fun so we will go back next weekend hopefully still have the sale. better to buy 300 pesos all ride pass. rifle shooting game is very fun too.

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