The Resort is known as Sea Horse Beach Resort located in Medellin Town in Cebu North. If you are planning to visit this nice place to travel in Cebu then you need to ride a 3 hours bus travel going to North using Ceres bus.

Medellin Resort

The resort is actually good for family and team of employees working from any call center in the Philippines. Its a great place for team building or team Christmas party.

Medellin Resort Sunrise Picture

Some outsourcing companies like Convergys, Teletech, sykes and ICOMM kids
Trees that rise on beaches of Medellin

Call center agents either inbound or outbound are tired of talking with American consumers who are usually arrogant because the situation they experience with the product or services they have. So just sitting here and feeling the breeze of the sea will be perfect unwinding experience.

The clear beach sea water, clean white sand and the sea breeze are irresistible factors to remove entrepreneurial stress in your body.

Cebu Image Picture of Rain in the Sea

Actually if you visit this place, you will forget the noisy and busy street of Cebu City

Medellin Resort white beach cebu image

In the back ground you can see the bantayan island.

Medellin Private Beach Resort

You can even hire a 20 seaters boat for you island hopping activity

Best Resort in Cebu for Team Building

The beach is comparable to  the pandanon island 

Team Building Location in Medellin Resort

Here is the morning Cebu image picture

Cebu Resort in South Cebu

Every one is welcome at Seahorse Tourist Inn in Medellin

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