Oslob is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist destinations today.  In addition to its massive land area that's easily seen on air, this island is gifted with the most fascinating island destinations.  Not to mention that it’s where the world-renowned Underground River is located.

Oslob was once a remote town that up until the early beginnings of the 21st century when roads and public air travels became more accessible. In 2011, Oslob showed an increase of 17% on its tourist arrivals, making it the number one tourist destination in the Central Visayas Region and the fifth in the entire country.

Along with the increasing number of tourists, the provincial island offers Oslob van rentals to accommodate its travelers all year round. For a trip in Oslob, don't forget to make arrangements with your transport service before the actual date of the trip.

Why is it IMPORTANT to rent a van in Oslob? 

Since the new-age traveler is aiming for convenience, renting a van is the most convenient especially if you're travelling in groups.  There are no taxis and the only mode of public transportation is the tricycle. For a transport service that can take you everywhere you want to go, van rentals spare you from all the hassle. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • Van Rentals Provide Professional Drivers
    The most important part of the trip is your safety.  Being in a place that you aren't familiar with, the privilege of having a professional driver when touring the different places in Oslob gives you less stress and more rest.
  • In Retrospect, It's Wiser Use of Money
    The rates depend on the distance of your destination or the classification of your tours and it usually is between 2500 PHP to 3500 PHP.  Having a van of your own during the trip gives you more room for comfort and convenience and less time for planning and preparation on commutes.
  • Desired Comfort and Flexibility is Accomplished
    Renting a van and getting to have it all for yourself and the people you're with surely gives you  the benefit of choosing your options along the way. You can easily decide where to stop over or tell the driver where you want to go.
  • Your Schedule is Handled Properly
    Renting a van in Oslob is known for its time consciousness and its value for its tourists' smooth flow of schedule. You don't have to worry with your airport transfers as someone will pick you up and send you to the airport on time.  All your tours will also be on the dot and right on schedule.  This way, you’d be able to maximize your time in Oslob and fully enjoy what the island can offer.

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