** Grade 4.0 **68Ks ONLY **Black trim  ** Auto **2000cc TWIN SCROLL TURBO **Power Seat

$14,890 Landed Un-Complied

Reco: 1-2 Panels to paint. 

$21,995  Retail?

2013 Mazda CX-5 XD City Safety Package 4WD

** Grade 4.0 **121Ks **Diesel **Pre Collision Warning **Push Start **19" Wheels **Reversing Camera 

$10,580 Landed Un-Complied

Reco:  Probably NO PAINT Clean Straight Car. Allow $250 to be safe

$15,995 Retail?

Your Choice of JPY or NZD Accounts - Talk to us to set yours up today!


*LANDED Un-Complied = FOB Cost + Shipping to NZ + GST+Transport to Yard ALL Included in this price.
**Price May not Include SEASONAL Heat Treatment Charge or **BS - Bunker Surcharge.

 Looking for delicious and affordable delivery of Pizza here in Minglanilla?

We have 

1. Ham n Cheese   120

2. Hawaiian flavor   125

For delivery, message Precious tea House Minglanilla or dial 0956 876 0225

 The customer always come back because they have taste the best Nachos in Minglanilla. Nachos from Precious Tea House located in Linao Lipata and Tunghaan regularly got a positive response from their customer as they are fully satisfied with taste and price. 

Cheesy Nachos

Cheesy Nachos

Cheesy Nachos

Cheesy Nachos

Cheesy Nachos

If you plan to order you can call or text 0956 876 0225 
You can also order via Foodpanda
Or message them via messenger
or visit the webpage for more menu

Visit the store just above mercury drug store lipata brance. Besides Dikong halo halo and front of 7/11 Lipata

WE are also perfect for online workers

We are fully aircondition store with free wifi

Our store is guaranteed instagramable


Original hamster stuffed toys from Jellycat product lines is perfect for kids and adult alike. 

Guidelines on Eligibility and Application for the Senior High School Voucher Program in School Year 2019 - 2020

The Department of Education issues the enclosed Guidelines on Eligibility and application for the Senior High School Voucher Program in School year 201+-2020 to provide details on the requirements, procedure, and schedule for voucher application from qualification to redemption, as well as other informative relative to SHS VP application.

These guidelines shall have national applicability, effective for vouchers what will be redeemed in SY 2019-2020

These guidelines shall remain in effect unless otherwise amended or repealed



Republic Act no 10533, otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 lengthen Philippines basic education form 10 to 13 years with the addition of Kindergarten and grades 11 and 12 in Senior High School. Grade 11 was introduced in School Year 2016-2017, grade 12 in SY 2017-2018.

The Philippines Constitution of 1987, particularly Article XIV, Section 1, guarantees the right of every Filipino to accessible and quality basic education, and Article XIV, Section 2.3 mandates the State of establishing a system of, among others, subsidies and incentives to deserving individuals in both public and private schools. RA No. 10533 upholds both of the said provisions by explicitly expanding the programs of assistance under Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education Law or RA no, 8545 which amends RA No. 6728. to extend the benefits accorded by EGASTPE to qualified learners in Grades 11 and 12. RA NO. 10533 further mandates the DepED to formulate programs to enact the abovementioned law based on the principles of public-private partnership.