Consider this as Gothic gate. What a mess...

This old house can be found in Carcar City alone

Green House they call, I said old house.
It seems mexican or spanish style
Contact me if you need the full size.

Familiar? Well this is the entrance going
to Carcar Church and Municipal Office.

Is this man Jose Rizal or Leon Kilat? You can find him in Carcar City

You see how nice is the design of this building that the Gov't
neglected its preservation. This 100 years old building
is a pride of the Filipinos.

Kaning picture na ani hulaan mo. It somewhere in Carcar town.
Guest and win a ticket to SM CInema

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  1. my GUESS?? "balay na tisa"??

  2. Cebu is beautiful city:-)

    Nice blog

    Wiwi w

    please visit my blog on

  3. these pictures show the history of Cebu. I hope the politician will protect this historical landmark

  4. there is a house much older than any of them in alcoy, its a real antique, much older than me even, lol

  5. house for sale in alcoy. 2 - 3 bedrooms, hollow block built, kitchen, large c/r, fenced off, 3rd bedroom could be a front facing store. the lot has room for a ktv and even internet cafe. the area needs a ktv and cafe. it is 306sq mtr and is for quick sale. PHP600,000 and at that price includes 2 double beds, 2 ring gas cooker, one ring electric cooker, oven, dishes cupboards shelving units, tv unit and tv, seats, tables bench etc. bargain. email me at for more information and pictures.

  6. Looks like some houses in Vigan City. Beatiful! :)

    houses for sale

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