Another small piece of paradise, the Camotes Island, is lying in the northeast of Cebu City. It is consist of four islands, Pacijan island, Poro island, Ponson island and a tiny Tulang island. Pacijan Island is the island near Danao City, Cebu and is composed of one municipality, the Municipality of San Francisco. It is actually joined together with the Poro Island by paved road. Poro has two municipalities, the Municipality of Poro and Tudela. Ponson island is in the eastern part of Poro Island separated by Camotes Sea. It is composed of one municipality, the Municipality of Pilar. Tulang on the other hand is located to the north of Pacijan.

How Camotes Island got its name!

The name Camotes Island was first discovered when the Spaniards first stepped in the island. The Spaniards were asking to some native islanders about the island name. The native islanders, who were farming then, thought that the Spaniards were asking of what they were putting in their basket, so they answered Camotes. So that's it, Camotes Island got its name!


Going To Camotes

First, you need to be in Cebu. Going to Camotes Island has 3 options, Fast Craft, Pump Boat and Ferry Boat.

The Fast Craft is available daily with different schedules and it's located at Pier 1. You can take a Taxi Cab or Jeep to get there. The fare is most likely 250 Php to 300 Php. Although it's a little expensive but it can take you to Camotes Island faster than the other options and will take for like 2 to 3 hours of travel. And you can take the Fast Craft in going back to Cebu City.

Pump Boat is a little cheaper than the Fast Craft, but it travels a little slower than the Fast Craft and When the weather turns bad, it will get slower to reach Camotes Island but it seldom happen. The Port is located in Danao and Mandaue. So you have two options, getting to the ports is easy, try the taxi cab or ride a jeep for cheaper fare. Jeepneys are everywhere so finding one is easy. Just know the routes you take. If you know don't know the place just ask around, ask the driver of the jeep or taxi cab, I'm sure they know the know how to take you there.

The last is the Ferry Boat. It takes a lot slower than the Pump Boat. It takes 3 to 4 hours of travel. It is located at Pier 2 a few blocks away from the Fast Craft location. You can take a Taxi Cab or Jeep to get there. The only Ferry Boat going to Camotes Island is M/V Melrivic of E.B Aznar Shipping. Its available daily so you don't need to worry which day to get there.

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