Badian Island

Badian Island is a small tropical island situated south of Moalboal within Cebu’s magnificent territory. There lies Badian Island Resort and Spa, a place that is absolutely natural and surprising. A stay in the island would surely give you an escape from your fast-changing lives and prove to your practical imaginations that such breathtaking paradise still exists in our miraculous world.

Badian island

Badian Island Resort and Spa

In Badian Island Resort and Spa, hospitality is a way of life which makes the island a place of ease and comfort. It is where guests can relax in the comfort of their well appointed room, on the beach or while winding around the manicured gardens of the resort. Furthermore, it is the place with privacy, peace and out of the ordinary which gives the island an impression as a romantic paradise island of Cebu.

Badian island resort and spa

Going to Badian Island Resort and Spa

Badian Island Resort & Spa is just three hours from Mactan and the International Airport and a 5 minute speed boat ride or 35 minutes by chartered helicopter from the airport itself.

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