The Apo Cement Plant in Naga Cebu

The world's biggest Shoes
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  1. I know the biggest shoes is in marikina Metro manila??? being registered on the Guiness Records.

  2. sorry hindi pala biggest shoes itong nasa carcar

  3. I have gone through your site. You have done some fantastic jobs. It helps to know about ur cement plant. Thank u guys.

  4. hi,

    i have gone through your site and i haven't seen such a cement plant. Well done.

  5. i am a retailer of apo cement..i just wonder why there are so many sub agents w/ different prices..i am looking for the main distributor here in our area and i need the least or the cheapest price since we transact online bugs me learning from others that their apo cement is cheaper from davao city where we get our stocks..we have no protection in terms of the stability of your pricing..its giving bad impression to the buyers..

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