Bunzie's Bar

Fronting the cove is a garden cottage on the cliff. Its suspended terrace overlooking the sea gives you a stimulating view --- an added dimension of your private time.

An architectural delight... a modern spacious bungalow up on a hill. The unobstructed sea view and horizon next to the cove makes this a truly honeymooner's desire. A swimming pool and a sprawling terrace add to the perfection of this hideaway to relax your body and mind. Each level is set up like a studio with separate entrances.

Bunzie's Villa

Bunzie's Villa has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a loft that commands a panoramic view of the Camotes sea and Tabogon bay. The spacious dining and living rooms has such a relaxing view, perfect for family gatherings or seminars.
This best kept secret is fondly known as the Caribbean Cove of Cebu by a whole group of locals and expatriates alike. In this northeastern coastal stretch, nothing could be more divine than a real hideaway with a private cove to relax from a demanding lifestyle.

View - A breathtaking panoramic view of the Tabogon Bay and Camotes Sea. Reflected sunset which is a natural phenomenon, banca ride along the coast on calm days, wave runner excursions, island hopping and scuba diving.

Food - Native dishes / Continental cuisine

Service - Staff trained to pamper your needs. Mark of the true Filipino hospitality.
Service is perfect better than PAL and Super Ferry

Location - Tabogon, Cebu Province about 80 kilometers northeast from the city.

Added Attraction - Portrait painting by talented artists, bicycles available for the adventurous guests, advance booking for spa and wellness services.

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  1. Diin man ni dapita, mao ni ang sa Muabog?

  2. pangitaon ko ang brochure para sa yo

  3. I am from Ilihan, Tabogon and is currently living in Los Angeles, CA since 1992. I would like to know where Bunzie's Cove is located. My husband and I will be visiting Cebu this coming August 2009 and would like to him there. He's never been to Cebu and I would like to let him see my hometown first before taking him anywhere else. My email address is telly_qhs@yahoo.com. Thank you for the info.

  4. Hi Telly,

    it is 1 and haft hour going to north of Cebu. You just need to hire van and they will bring you there. But as an advise.. I rather encourage you and your partner to visit

    Bantayan Island or Malapascua Island. The 2 are the best. For within Cebu, Maribago is nearest

  5. wow,

    i grew-up in this town, and now living in the city, mo uli ra tawn ko og fiesta, by the way taga tabogon ako kaliwat mga monroid, if you happen to know mga tigulang apo ko ni gabino hahaha,

    ma o ba neh ang na-a sa bito-on? tapad neh sa ace enclave? im not sure if ma o ba neh ang name ako brother in law ang gadala sa plumbing aneh during construction and now na-a na sya sa australia, sayang ka ayo ang development diha dapita kong deli na ma tiwas nindot ka ayo og view...

    na-a pod beach resort owned by korean diha brgy. da-an tabogon nga wala gyud ma human.. daku2x gyud na nga lot, if i remember correctly it was started around year 1998 im not really sure... sayang ka ayo oi nindot na unta ka ayo ang tabogon karon.. lupigan nalang ta sa borbon aneh and ang bogo daghan on going development,

    i hope the public officials maka himo og mga lakang to promote tabogon, daghan tourist attraction diha sa tabogon, na-a pa diha cold spring sa maslog, and hopefully ma well known pod ang brgy alang-alang sa snorkel and scuba diving nindot na daw ka ayo ilang marine sanctuary...

    deri nalang kutob..

    more power tabogon....

  6. Good day! I've been to this place and its very charming and relaxing. Its truly a nice place to visit to get away from the busy city life.
    you can contact Mr. Jhayr Gonzaga for reservations and bookings. Office Number at (032) 416-1946 and mobile number (0915) 921-3698 or email at jhayr_0000@yahoo.com

  7. We have just been there and it was spoko!
    Accomodation and the entire preparation of the place was superb!
    Price was all worth-it!
    You can contact Mr. Jhayr Gonzaga for reservations and bookings. Office Number at (032) 416-1946 and mobile number (0915) 921-3698 or email at jhayr_0000@yahoo.com

  8. I want to visit this place.

  9. I am Engr. Ronnie Andrino an OFW from San Remigio, Cebu, asa man dapita ang "Bunzie's Cove in Tabogon duol ba ni sa Caya an.
    My e mail address is a_s_andrino@yahoo.com


  10. dili ra kuyaw dinha sa tabogon..? i mean, safe ra ang place, wala manghilabot..? and wala ba abat dira..? hehe.. forest mn gd kaau.. :D

  11. @ ronel, grabe pud ka oi. dili pud tawn kalasangan ng tabogon oi. even wala ko magdaku diha pero mao nay province sa akong grandparents. na mayor pud akong uncle diha ug kadyot i think hehehe. its a nice and quite place. hopefully sooner or later naay mga developers harun ma known pud sya. cold spring nindot na kuno karon. never been there many years already since me and my family are here abroad na. akong brother siguro mas kaila sa tabogon more. peaceee to all and gudluck tabogon. =)lin

  12. unsa ni distancia gikan sa main road. what is the means of transportation in going there. how safe ug wa bay mga bad elements diha?


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