Club Optima Building in Cebu

This is probably the newest and the highest
building in Cebu City. There is a disco every night at the
top of this building known as Club Optima

Cebu City Top View
This is the Gorordo Avenue. Aline here is the big Banco de Oro
building and SSS. On the middle is the Immaculate Concepcion Academy School

Cebu Province Pictures
This is the building view of Cebu City.
You can see the Ayala Mall. The new building of this mall
is now comparable to Glorieta Ayala. Visit Ayala Mall and enjoy the
ambiance of Cebu City.
Top view of Cebu City
Ayala Center

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  1. i think it's CLUB ULTIMA :)

  2. There a lot of enjoyment in the club ultima. I hear it is own by the King of Cebu

  3. Is there any promo in this highest restaurant that you are mentioning

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