Food,energy sufficiency, peace and security are central in yesterday's convention of Regional Association of Development Information Officers in Region 7 (RADIO-7) at the Golden Prince Hotel and Suites in Cebu City.

Presidential Management Staff Assistant Secretary Ferdinand Cui presented the "food and energy security" program of the government as he cited the government's long been effort to ease the impact of global economic crunch affecting the country.

He cited that the government had been working triple time to bring down the prices of rice and imported crude oil, promote energy security while ensuring enough supply of food for the poor.

Deputy National Security Adviser Luis "Chavit" Singson, on the other hand, talked on the government's internal security plan focusing on its campaign against armed insurgency.

He said the government is intent on ending armed conflict in our country with the formulation of the National Internal Security Plan that puts an end to armed rebellion and promotes a culture of peace in the country.

"We have to overcome the last remaining obstacle to our progress- the armed rebellion which has hounded us for half a century," Singson said as he challenged the government IOs to do their share in educating and enlightening the grassroots.

"You have the vantage point in this campaign to win our rebel brothers because information is at your finger pints," he said.

He cited the need to employ strategic communication that aims to weapon rebels by exposing the truth and how rebel activities hinder development.

"The anti-insurgency campaign should transform all national efforts," he said stressing that progress is hard to achieve if we have problem with peace and order.

Cebu province's Board Member Agnes Magpale also presented the province's poverty alleviation program dubbed the 'SakSak' Program as the local government's share of mitigating hunger and poverty.

by Rizalie A. Calibo
(rac/PIA 7) [top]

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