Suplada ang isang ito kasi dili siya mag tanaw.

Busog kaayo siya

Kani siguro ang pinaka friendly sa tanan. Kay picture friendly man sya

Can you find Cinderella here?

Comment are very much Welcome
Pictures are provided by our friend: Outbound call center located in Cebu City.

DepEd Teacher

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  1. asa ni dapit?

    i think mas nice ang zoo sa may Residence Inn, gigastuhan gyud.

    Cebu zoo looks so "barren" now.
    tsk tsk tsk

  2. Asa na dapit ang Residence Inn

  3. Assa ni cya dapit para we go there too!! eheheh with information about entrance fees, map and the like would be most appreciated too...

  4. CEbu ZOo is cute..with the tiger..woHHH0oo!!!got to go there!

  5. Yeahey!Nakakita na gyud ko ug tiger, crocodile,bitin ug uban pa in person.

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