A friend of mine use to design image and she save it in her iStock account. There is one guy from CDO who request to copy the image for he likes it so much. Out of pity, this kind artist
give the approval as long it is for personal use.

After either weeks or month, my friend artist was inform by somebody about this image. She was inform that her image won a grand price in graphics competition in which she never participated.

When she look at it, she found that the image was the one copied by someone from CDO under the shadow of friendship and being a fans of her works.

For more details of the incident visit this link.

In short, this guy from Cagayan de Oro, took the image from her, then without any approval submitted it as entry in graphics competition held somewhere in Mindanao. Once he got the prize, he never share nor inform her this awards.

Logo contest details- http://www.mindanaoan.com/2008/10/29/shie-corporation-cdo-launches-logo-and-icon-contest/

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  3. Hi i did not understand first what you mean. Ok I put your banner in my site next to the EC card. If you ask about the cost per month you just pay me $2 if it is ok just let me know.

  4. Hi Gen,

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