Once again this blog featured not only positive side of Cebu Province. This is about the reality of Cebu towards the eye of visitors. You might not like the pictures but please go on.

The morning of Saturday, Cebu Naga residence is greated with a loud noise from 2 large vehicles. One is a minibus and the other 10 wheeler truck. Report said they have a head to head collision with the bus driver taking the opposing lane.
Accident in Tulay Naga Cebu
Family and friends including bystanders are waiting outside the emergency room of Cebu South General Hospital.

This is the list of the casualties. I am amazed on this barangay officials who  have the courage to write the list of death and still confined.

Image of Cebu Highway
He even explain to the reporter the details of the passengers. Saying both the drivers are gone already.

Pictures in Cebu
And the media cover the name and news as expected. None of them raised concerned regarding the attitude of the  Cebu bus drivers in the street.  If you are driving in Cebu Highway, men you are in combat zone. Do not think of your rights or road. Think about your right to live. Never the LTO arrest any reckless driving for years so the habit of taking opposite sides is common. This bus driver meet their match at the expense of his passengers.

Cebu Pictures
As promised, Cebu Image is not only for the best of Cebu Province.  Here is the negative side just 1 kilometer away from our house.

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  1. grabe naman to

  2. This should be an eye opener for the authorities, especially LTO and LTFRB to put stringent measures to discipline unruly drivers. It would deem best if they'd deploy personnel among areas in the south as bus and jeepney drivers really need a kick at road discipline.

  3. i saw this on the news. lapit pala sa inyo to.

    yung byahe ko papuntang hagnaya going to malapascua medyo safe naman. kaya lang kung yung ka engkwentro mo naman ang wala sa lugar, talo pa rin.

  4. Eto ang mahira sa Highway sa Cebu. Merong street anarchy. Kung mag drive ka d2 you need to be watchful in your left, right, back and front. Its 360 degrees actually even nasa tabi ka na.

  5. About "O blogueiro", the important one is to be present.
    Grateful for the visit.

  6. The bus drivers should now be aware about this incident and dapat mag careful na cla sa pagbyabyahe.

  7. I have witnessed this sort of driving many times on this stretch of road. As a foreigner living in Cebu it appalls me that the police don't watch for it and through the offenders in jail. It would not be allowed anywhere else in the world.
    I understand that the bus drivers receive bonuses if they pick up more passengers so race other buses to make sure they are first and that they are often taking shabu to stay awake. It is therefore partly the fault of their employers who ought to be heavily penalised by the authorities every time a life is lost to ensure that the drivers are incentivised to drive safely.

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