beaches in cebuThe Philippines is not only a travel destination nor supplier of overseas workers abroad today as it became number one in the outsourcing business since this business started. The country is the most ideal BPO locations in the world because of manpower resources, government and private supports which has the capability to provide all types of businesses with modern telecommunication infrastructures, a highly articulate, versatile call agents, and low-rate labor costs.

The Philippine virtual assistant services industry never stopped growing since it first established more than 10 years ago. Being English speakers as a result of the American colonization, it helped pave the way to prepare the Filipino people for the present economic globalization.

call center in cebuThere are new call centers located in Mandaue City, aside from Cebu City and Lapu Lapu City which are expected to create more new jobs for Cebuanos. Welive2care has officially kicked off its two new websites about virtual assistant and outsourcing articles. The company offered the following business processing services: virtual assistant, inbound customer service, outbound telemarketing and appointment setters. Other BPO companies will be opening this year with a total of five call centers that will create 7,000 more employment opportunities for Filipinos. Another expectation as announced by Cebu Commerce in Industry is the group of IT businessman from HongKong.

Here in Cebu alone, the people, especially applicants for employment will take part in this kind of industry once they are hired to work as call center agents; among others.Welive2care now has 2 operational contact center facilities. Cebu City was chosen as one of the two city locations for the back-end financial operations of multinational transport company abroad. Cebu City bested 62 other cities around the world, including outsourcing and off-shore destinations.

call agents in cebuIn Cebu, we have the leading outsourcing companies like welive2care which is geared towards expanding its operations in Cebu, citing the increased demand for its inbound customer agents. Its mother company is Live2sell which is geared towards continuing to expand its Philippine operations, with the opening of another call center, aside from the original outsourcing hubs situated along busy street of Fortuna in Cebu City.

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  2. It is for sure a booming sector...let's hope Obama's policies will not affect too much the outsourcing business. He really want to keep the jobs in the USA.

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  8. Thanks for adding this post here, Lets hope for the best growth.

    Leading consultant for Outsourcing in BPO & Callcenters

  9. The Philippines call center industry is booming every year. The crisis even help call center to acquire more clients from Medium size company that used cost cutting as their crisis solution.

    Average call agent cost is $300 to $500 now.

    Inbound customer service

  10. Good job man

  11. Where doing some Outsourcing Business here also in the Philippines.

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