After meeting family and friends in Balamban,
we were invited to visit Asturias town.

I could not expect that this is Asturias town. So peaceful and so mystique

Asturias Cebu Town
Asturias Auditorium

Highway to Asturias
Asturias Highway is know for this incomplete concrete road

This is Mexican style Asturias church

Asturias Picture of Beach in Cebu
I was able to visit the beach it is peaceful too.

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DepEd Teacher

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  1. Looks like a nice and peaceful place !

  2. Hi! I'm done adding your link. Can I ask how you add the pages in your site? It's been long since I want to learn about it. Thanks!

  3. Hi kuya! This is Janmck Hilado of No Other Than Janmck pala.. exchange link ta sa akong Best Places In The World na blog kuya,, i'll put Cebu Image on Best Places In The World na blog pod kuya. thanks!

  4. By the way kuya,, na add na nako ang Cebu Image sa paki butang na lang pod ko sa akoang blog sa imoha.. hehe! thanks!

    Name: Best Places In The World

  5. sorry ngayon ka lang nabasa. Kusog mong maka blog ah. way hung over. kagising ko lang he he he.

    Its done i have link your blog here

  6. Good job man

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