Cebu Street Pictures
This is the old houses in Cebu pattern. The buildings are similar to the
Intramuros in Manila. The Cebu City Government did not reinstall did place unlike
the building in Intramuros which is now i night spot for the rich Filipinos.

You can also see the same building in Escolta where the know viva office is located.
The same street design is used for TV commercial be VIVA Film
like "hmm i forget" while in Cebu
in became parking lot and the exit from SRP.

This is taken beside the POEA office near
Department of Foreign Affairs Cebu City

Cebu City Pictures
Actually what i suppose to take a picture is the 2 year old baby on the left who was left crying for more than 20 minutes. Commuters though that this is missing baby girl yet the father come suddenly. In reality, the broken chair just beside the street serve as the baby's crib. He's parent are working as in their own family vulcanizing vendor just along the street.

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