Going to Lahug Cebu City. You will see in the background the Marco Polo Plaza. The portion with trees is the location of University of the Philippines Cebu.

Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu City
Crown Regency and Club Optima buildings still under construction. Here you will enjoy the highest restaurant in Philippines as well as the highest sky walk adventure.

Crown Regency in Cebu City
The Gaisano Stores in Ayala Mall

Cebu City Pictures and Ayala Center
Cebu Business Park patten after Ayala Avenue

Cebu Business Park

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  1. I like the panoramic shots. I've been to Cebu many times. Love the place and food. :)

    Meanwhile, have you tried to ride on a kicir kicir? You wanna see it? Read my article about Kicir-Kicir at Eropa.

    Care to exchange links? Let me know.

  2. very nice photos of cebu city.

  3. Amazing.

  4. Cool photos. I like the view. :)

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