This is the first underpass in Cebu comparable to the underpass in Recto except there in no pedestrian underpass. It is offered to vehicle only which serve as the exit and entrance of the SRP highway.

Picture in Cebu City
It has been under construction for almost 2 years already. If you are familiar with the construction industry in NCR particularly, you will said that these workers are tooooooo slow. If the local government invited the famous construction company like Hanjin and EEI, it will not take one year to build for this are 2 Filipino world class company. Nevertheless, i am excited with this new underpass and hope i will be included in the first driver to use this facility. Cebu is moving slowly into progress.

Photos in Cebu
Since i visited Manila this weekend, I was shocked again for the fast changes in the buildings and streets development. Of course the traffic become worse, it took us and delayed my time for almost 2 hours sitting in the bus going to Cavite. I can not imagine how much time inbound call center workers will be wasted daily since residential houses are located from Cavite and Laguna. They will cross heavy traffic either in coastal road and express way.

A foreign friend of mine who is CEO of call center in the Philippines once said "I hate Manila, it's congested and chaotic. If not in the business function, i will not go there." Well i witnessed it and strongly agree with him, if not with the family gathering, I prepared to stay and enjoy weekend in the beaches or resorts. In Cebu, it will take only 1 to 5 minutes to wait for the stop light but in manila it takes 20 minutes to 1 hour to pass each traffic lights.

This one took us 30 minutes to pass. My blood pressure is starting to heat up luckily, the driver and my companion already used to it so they just ask me to sleep. 10 years ago, i am still student living in Las Pinas, I always spend 2 hours in this highway. Today this coastal road still bear the same time to waste sitting or standing in the busses.

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  1. yah your right.... manila is very congested place... i just came here cos i dont have a choice, the agency that im applying was here.....i miss my hometown cebu...subrang baho ng street dito.....

  2. hahaha! another blog from insecure cebuano, try harder baby, most of my friend from the the US prefer manila than cebu, cebu is just a boring city, purely over hyped.

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