This Saturday July 11, I invited the family to visit Argao but plan chance since the children ask for family outing. So proceed to San Fernando to find the nearest resort. Before we reach the location, we pass by in the Municipality of Naga or City of Naga to buy foods

Naga Sports Complex
This is the Naga Sports Complex

Naga Public Market
On the way to Naga Public Market

Naga City Public Market
Main Naga City Public Market

Father Jovencio Rabusa's Parish Church
Father Jovencio Rabusa's Parish Church

Inside Naga Church

Municipality of Naga City
Municipality of Naga City

Last month the supreme court favor the petition of the Governors from various province to issue restraining order or perhaps nullification of the Law creating Naga town as City. Now after seeing this pictures, do you think Naga has the right to become City.

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  1. hello,

    daghan kaayo salamat sa bisita ha?
    Daghan pod salamat for adding your side as one of my FOLLOWERS:::::::

    KANINDOT sa imo blog, mobalik-balik gyd ko diri to view the pics you post ug basa sa mga interesting post mo.

    have a nice weekdays ahead........


  2. wow nice place hope I'll visit Cebu city soon.Btw wonderful idea let's exchange links.Check my blogroll list ur in already.
    Have a lovely day *))

  3. im not sure if ive been to naga cebu already. is it near talisay or not?

    nice header.

  4. I've been to Naga long time ago, kadtong estudyante pako sa Cebu. Dugay napod ko wa kabalik sa Cebu. Basin sa pag-uli nko pohon, moagi ko diha.

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  5. Beautiful church interior.

  6. Hi Dong,

    You are right Naga is near from Talisay. It is working to become city.

    Naga town is nice and there are sports center that I usually play.

    Many bright and intelligent people in Cebu are from Naga.

  7. my beloved hometown Naga Cebu...a very proud naganian..ive seen great places but can never compare the beauty of my hometown naga....

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