This man could be the next star for he is unique and perhaps only 1 in every 10 million Filipinos. He came from Naga Cebu. I do not know the name but i remember his cell phone number in case you are interested in his service.

Please pardon with the video since this was taken by a 6 years old Child.

He is using a customized LYRE.

A lyre has a body with two arms, which are joined by a crossbar. The strings stretch from the body to the crossbar. Harps have a neck at an angle to the body, either arched (of the same piece as the body) or angular (the neck fastened to the body at a near right angle). There is some overlap between these two instruments.

This freelance entertainer is good for call center company celebration like Christmas party, anniversary party or just team building party. I guarantee you that you will enjoy the music.

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DepEd Teacher

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  1. really amazing.

  2. hahaha... galing nga. great find. hope he gets known even more for that.

  3. actually we hired him to play us the music. kana sa among balay na.

  4. cool...

  5. heheh.. cebuanos are very talented jud. hehehe
    Shadows of me

  6. wow nindota ah..hehehe...himosa sa ngplay sa ana oie...heheh...lisod na gamiton?

  7. aheeheheheh... sir naa man ko gihimu para sa town namin... blog siya...

  8. Very interesting!

  9. Hello....You have a very lovely blog. I love your photos!
    I have added your link as per your request~

    Have a very nice day!

  10. What lovely pictures you've got here. Nice to be here with you!

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