The following and the coming pictures of Boracay Island Hotels are given to me by my good friend. I just selected the best few but i will post everthing later. You will see the pictures of best hotels boracay

Boracay picture

I am hoping that after viewing these picture, you will also travel to Boracay Island Hotels too and enjoy the best hotels boracay.

boracay photos
What a lovely view in this best hotels boracay
Beach in Philippines
If my memory is correct, this one will cost you P500 each. Philippines call center workers regularly visits this place for the purpose of refreshing their highly pressured jobs.

Boracay Island
Boracay Island Hotels

Boraay Hotel
This is where they stay.. Ang yabang no. best hotels boracay daw i2.

Boracay is not always nice view

Of course not everything is nice in best hotels boracay

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  1. how i wish makaadto meg boracay with my family.hehehhehe pobre man gud me. hguuuhuuh

  2. Nice view, i took the photos.. =)) just would like to convince you all that Bora is the place to be.... If you want to have some fun and get drunk, go to Bora.. =))

  3. very nice blog

  4. good blog.

  5. Hi grata article Boracay is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It possesses the finest white powdery sand on Earth; In 2010, Boracay Island garnered the most number of votes among tourists worldwide, in the list of The Most Popular Beaches in the World

  6. For almost all my life leaving in the Philippines I had never visit Boracay. I wish I could go there. I like the pictures and its also nice to know that Bora is not all beauty as well, that it also has its flaws upon seeing in the picture. Thanks for the post.

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  8. Love the Article dude, the last part of the picture is the highlight. Not everything is indeed perfect.

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