The SouthPoint Badminton Alley located in Basak is the house of major Badminton Tournament in Cebu City.

SoutPoint Badminton Alley
Cebuanos loves this game. Some notable town that makes the name every DepED Division level sports and cultural affair are town like Naga, Carmen, Oslob, Bogo and many more.
Badminton Court Cebu

However, if the public and private school participate together for any badminton event, it is always University of Cebu who tops or dominate the competition. Some players from University of Visayas and University of San Jose Recoletos appear but at the end it is always UC. Southpoint is consider as the home court of USJR students due to proximity

Being a class D player, i only play here once and I say the court and overall atmosphere is satisfactory. It is not too expensive and not to hot like the badminton court in Mandaue City.
My office mate and his friend who happen to be working in SYKE inbound call center played with me for more than 2 hours straight. Being call center worker, i greatly notice the reduction of my speed and sports performance. This is why i am making some come in this game, to be healthy and reduce my bulking stomach.

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DepEd Teacher

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  1. hey Migo...abi nako Miga jobless ko karun diri..lisud mangita work sa Germany kay dili nila recognized ato diploma n job experience...back to zero ta family is not here..lisud mukuha diri ug family...pabuhi ra ko sa akong bana...hopefully makauli ko sa pinas this year...yeheeeeeyyy!

  2. good job blogging about cebu

  3. hhhmmmm, im sorry to offend you or something but i just want you to know that the USJR team dominates this sport specially in the collegiate level. Actually, the team is holding the title as the defending champion for a couple of years now. nywy, i appreciate the blog. God bless! ;)

  4. Only this year csafi09 that UC won and only in mens doubles. For i think 5 yrs that usjr dominated.. maybe someday we can play together.. and if you're always @ metrosports, then see you there.

    nice blog,anyway.

  5. haiiee,,, how much ang per hour sa SOUTH POINT?

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