My family decided to see some entertainment during town fiesta in our municipality in South Cebu Province. We only expect that the entertainment is about riding and shows.

What i found there is the entertainment different from what it should be. Take a look in the pictures and I find this things annoying. It is tolerating vices of the Cebuanos. Majority of the stall there are entertainment about GAMBLING.

I know these things are also happening in every municipalities of Cebu Province and even all places in Philippines who will celebrate their barangay and town fiesta,

Rides in Peryahan is good but this gambling table is everywhere.

These i think unethical due to present of Children and the Gambling table.

This is the traditional throw a .25 centavos.

The money rollete,

Comment are very much Welcome

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  1. perya...tradisyunal rin satin..:)

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