The next future First get approval from Senators

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  1. When it comes in the matters of the heart, by remaining single it makes Noynoy, constanly an ideal man to many women but it does not hold true in matters of the fact of life. A president without a first lady is like a fool without a woman.
    I think as voters we should form a group where we can express our desire for a "My Vote for Noynoy is for President with a First Lady". I can't imagine a Philippine president without an experience of how a family life is really like and I don’t want him to end up as the Philippines worst president ever.

  2. I agree, Noynoy should experience to become a father so he could understand the emotion of the father in dealing his children.

  3. Sen.Aquino will marry soledad..don't worry..It will come,what a beauty and brains for a future first lady indeed....we are delighted massively here in Europe.

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