USP, USC, UV, USJR have established relationship with Call center companies in Cebu for language and IT skilled manpower. Actually there are total of 9 college and university that is now partnered with BPO companies in Cebu.

Government support this industries by providing free interest loan to the students who wish to pursue career in inbound and outbound call center.

Cebu is now the best BPO destination in Philippines after the incident happen in Manila where floods reaches the high ground and building of most offices in Ortigas center. Even not affected employees were not able to come in their respective working station due to flooding.

These issues are far from Cebu's climate situation. Cebu is naturally protected by 2 islands (Negros and Samar) from the east and from the west so it guarantees a safe business activity from typhoon that may come from Pacific or China Sea.

Electricity and Inbound call center building in IT Park and Ayala Business Park are numerous that investors can select offices best suited to their Market. Transportation is 24 hours and security is well monitored.

Aside from these, foreign investors can enjoy Cebu best beaches during weekend. Shangri la hotel in Lapu Lapu offers exciting to everyone while the Maribago Blue Waters is best suited for couple who wished to remove office pressure. For more details about Maribago just visit here.

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  1. Maybe sooner or later that all call centers in manila will be migrated here in cebu after the entire marikina city devastated by the typhoon ondoy. so sad..

  2. That sounds great! With the partnership of the call center industry with the universities would greatly improved the skills of the students who would want to apply for a position in a call center. Thanks for the sharing us the news. I hope that with this project, it could improve and develop the students.


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  3. Call Center Philippines aim is to not just simply exceed your requirement, but to become partners to our clients’ business success.

  4. This is so great, great news to all of us Filipinos especially to Cebuanos to be benefited with the call center boom in the country. Let's give support to make things happen continuously.

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