Are you in need of affordable yet nice flowers? You can find them at Carbon Cebu City

The Cebu City - Carbon flowers come in different colors

and these flowers in smaller size but a combination of two colors.

So where can you buy affordable flowers in Cebu City? Just visit Carbon St near San Jose Recoletos University and the public market. You will also enjoy there those less expensive used clothing known as ukay ukay and some Cebu handicraft products made by the locals. If you are working in a Philippines call center at night, before you go home, ride any public utility vehicle and most of them will stop by in colon. This is few distance to reach carbon market.

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  1. the aromatic fragrance of carbon is exact opposite of taboan market. :)

  2. What cheerful photos! Flowers always bring a smile!

    Here are more photos of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco.

    There is a brief history of the parish HERE.

    «Louis» was happy to see you had stopped by!

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