Philippines Traditional Sports like this one in Talisay Cebu still famous among locals.

traditional volleyball
The rubber ball is only 1/2 % of the original olympic size volleyball. You can wear no uniform. Most player remove their t-shirt and slippers. Its like beach volleyball already.

Philippines traditional sports
The ball do not need to be toss and the net is too high and too small from regular volleyball. There are only 3 players while the space is too big that everyone need to chase the ball every time is pass the net.

indigenous sports in Philippines Cebu
The color of Talisay Tradional Volleyball's net do not have any requirement

As long as you are able to return, that would be fine. Years ago, the government impose to the Department of Education the rules to be use in Philippine Volleyball. They Government want to use the rule use by FIBA so that the players will get use to it in international competition. In this Filipino indigenous sport where there are no government support, government sports rules are useless. Talisay Folks love this game as I see them almost everyday.

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  1. Know what? I play this game! :)

  2. I see them almost weekly and i am convinced that this game is very popular. They even organize a tournament.

    The government should encourage them to use the Olympic rule in Volleyball

  3. Just recently, I read a news title saying that the Cebu City government is planning to spend an amount for volleyball game. I did not read the entire story though.

  4. Hmmmm, volleball sports fund. Something political in nature because the Gwen Volleyball Cup is on going.

    I think they should spend more money on other world class sports since Cebu is a world class City.

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