The following are suggested places in Bohol to visit. Although the best place to visit are any bohol resorts for your family or love ones, you should prioritize the Bohol Chocolate Hills since it is nature oriented. Afterwards, you are just few miles away from Bohol resorts specially the Panglao Islands

  • Chocolate Hills (Carmen, 55kms. away). – Hundreds on mountain hills in the form of chocolate. The best
view is overlooking all the mountains. Because of this design, it became topic or subject in the local folklore and even in educational books about folk stories.

  • Panglao White Beaches (Panglao, 19kms. away) – The well known internationally white beaches in the whole island of Panglao. This is the best among Bohol Resorts. No worries in bringing your cars because you can travel by cars. They created a man made bridge going to this Island. This is not only for newly wed couple but also for family too.

  • Tarsier (Tarsius Syrichta) - Tarsier viewing will cost you around 50 pesos for maintenance of this wild animal. This is known as the smallest monkey in the world and they did make Bohol famous.
  • Man-Made Forest (Bilar, 32 kms.away) - Almost 1000 hectare was converted to forrest to bring back the cold temperature and the water reservoir. This province is bring cold air to forrestless Cebu City.
  • Dolphins / Whales Sanctuary (Balicasag / Pamilacan Island) – I do not know how much and I hope somebody can provide the entrance fee. This is the Bohol Challenge to Singapore marine sanctuary.
  • Blood Compact (Bool District, 3 kms. away) – This is a  historical landmark symbolizing the first treaty between Filipinos and tikasang Espanyol.

  • Floating Restaurant (Loboc, 21 kms.away) - Enjoy unlimited native dishes while floating in the famous loboc river for only 250 pesos i think.

  • Baclayon Church Museum (7 kms. away) - This is consider as one of the oldest church in the country made by stone. It was erected by Jesuits priest in the year of 1595. Not more than 100 years when this tikasang spaniards arive in the Philippines.

  • Hinagdanan Cave (Danis) - Fresh spring water and exiting scenes for stalactites.

  • Badiang Spring (Valencia) - All in one place resort with swimming pool, spring-fed waterfalls and white beach that attract not only local cebuanos but also foreigners.
  • Ubay Agri Park (Ubay, 2 hrs drive) - Here you can experience a baguio style horse back riding. But if you want more than that, you can have the carabao riding too. This is nice adventure for family
  • Flower Beach (Anda, 100 kms. Away) - This is expensive beach for divers. Both local and foreign divers with experience are only allowed to go diving.
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  • Candijay Mangrove Adventure Tour (Panadtaran) - This is hill climbing challenge, forrest trekking for old guys, swinging bamboo bridge that you should not come if you have children. Otherwise, you will found yourself at the river
  • Sierra Bullones ( 60 kms. away ) - adventure lover for couple and barkada. You can enjoy trekking and many adverture in bohol opportunities
Most of the Bohol resorts has a bamboo made nipa hut equip with bamboo furniture inside.

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