People from different town in Cebu visited Cordova to watch the annual Dinagat Festival. The Local town of  Cordova allocated more than  2Million budget for the town fiesta festival  The mayor said, this will be the most expensive festival in Cordova but he is very happy because the event was held successfully. Each schools who participated in the event will received cash support for props, costumes, foods and choreographer and dance trainors. 

Employees from various company specially those working in inbound call center industry who spent their regular 5 days in the office visited this event as their TGIS time.

Just 2 hours travel from Cebu City. You can found this town in the Island of Mactan

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  1. please check your grammar dong..... sayop jud kaayo imong english. maulaw ta sa makabasa.

  2. Thanks for featuring Cordova, my adopted hometown. It's actually the "Island of Cordova" and not located in the "Island of Mactan" but it's okay as this is a very common misconception.

    Nice pictures.

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