As we traveled deep in Southern Cebu province 2 weeks ago we find two nice resort

One resort is this Sola Home Resort. They have swimming and white beach

The other one is the bodo's resort in Alcoy which is for me much better. They only have swimming pool and jacuzzi.

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  1. From the pictures. It looks like a gorgeous resorts. In my point of view, environment along with quality services can enhance your business. However in the past i had traveled to many places & also stayed at different places, resorts, hotels. but i have a nice experience with Hank Freid, because they provide best services

  2. i have been in sola homes resort - never again
    the rooms are hot and not very clean, no cabinets also
    the pool looks like under construction, THE BEACH IS NOT IN THE RESORT ITS THE PUBLIC BEACH

    much better in bodo

  3. This is not El Paradiso, better they change the name to El Hell. The Houses are realy dirty and destroyed.

    This Resort is a NO GO.

    Pictures to the Paradiso :-)

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