Ayala Building that house the Globe Internet

Skyrise Building 2 and 3 that house Aegis, Epson,  ICOMM and many others

The I3 building

Skyrise 1

TGU Building

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  1. W. O. W.

    Don't u agree that cebu has been growing tremendously the last couple o' months?

    Well, anyhu, I found this site called yummy-cebu.com - u GOTTA check it out, man!

  2. Please don't vote for Manny Villar. Last night he caused traffic in Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu.


  3. your place is becoming industrialized. I heard that cebu got also the best beaches in the world?> can you recommend some please?

  4. Interesting article. Cebu’s promotion is very tactical and strategic, and it makes an impact on the country as a whole. Cebu is also considered an ideal site for such value-added services as market research and analysis, legal research and related services, and equities brokering. Cebu also offers an attractive lifestyle alternative for expatriates and knowledge workers alike, providing the benefits of living in a low-cost, tropical location without the crowding typical of larger urban areas.


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  6. Wow, Cebu can be the economic center of the country!

    Business Answering Service

  7. Great post for IT park.. I love this place... and people love this place because they can find a job here and good for business...

  8. That's great! I am sure many agents will get interested with this. Thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward for your next post.


  9. Despite the debt problems of US and Europe economy, BPOs in Cebu is still growing.

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