The loboc river in Bohol is famous for floating restaurant. They said the food are delicious and bohol delicacies and while on board, the Loboc choir will be there to sing for you while eating.

This is the main entrance of the port before you can ride the boat. There are 4 entrance we and boarded in the 4th or last option because we came late. Unfortunately, as an advise, do not ride in the floating restaurant in the late afternoon because the food in the floating restaurant are not the same in the morning  yet the price are the same. How much is the ride and food in the Loboc Floating Restaurant? It is actuall P350 on eat all you can basis,

Foreign tourist love the view and Filipino foods. Not me because I expect more food in the table since I pay P350. The jovens eat all you can is only P150 and that was I expect there. Unfortunately, the food prepare for us is not satisfactory. Maybe on the other floating restaurant but not here.

loboc river cruise

Local Tourist enjoy the experience in the Floating restaurant of Bohol

loboc river cruise in bohol

I just learned that there are Floating Restaurant that is well decorated while there is little creativity in their boat.

This is our ride and if I am given another chance I will not choose this boat anymore. There are many around and the more decorated the better.The technique in selecting your ride is look first on their menu's displayed at the cashier. Do not just pay right away, select or inquire which is better among them.

Anyway even I am not satisfied with the food and the accommodation of the 4th entrance, I enjoy the loboc river because it is huge and you will appreciate the beauty of environment.

See other floating restaurant returning from a trip. Actually when you arrive in the floating restaurant we were greated at the parking area by a Man who seems to be a traffic enforcer or sales man of the restaurant. Later I realize that he is actually serving the 4th entrance of the floating restaurant. What I did not like to him is he is acting like a fixer for the entrance 4. Have you imagine the culture of the fixers in LTO region 7 office. They will meet you at the main gate and offer something that it seems real. If you get inside and go to the main reception with free internet, you will realize that everything is free to choose but  this fixers is making the image   of the loboc river poor by approaching the tourist right in the parking area. Only to discover that he do not have nice food to serve at entrance 4. My advise is go around and study the menu before paying at their counter.

Because their food is not satisfying, you should avoid this number.

This portion is public area where everyone can swim without any fee. I think it is along the highway.

This is the end of the river where the floating restaurant can go anymore. It is like semi falls

Foreigners love to swim in this river. Its cold and deep which is inviting for a challenge.

If you are not interested on their foods, you can ride a small banca for a P1000 price.

See those pink wearing dress there. They are station just beside the loboc river?

While approaching the crew prepare for the presentation.

loboc childrens choir

The females sing while the males play a rondalla style harana. The children then dance in our front. I was impressed by the tinikling dancer for their are too fast to move against the bamboo

That was better ride in Loboc river. A small boat where you can paddle by yourself. The local government do not like it because it is unsafe for tourist.

They said, if a man live beside the river, they are called as TAGALOG or taga ilog. But this is boholano enjoying their live living beside loboc river.

More banca that hopefully for rent

Definitely this is not for children place. You see the river bank is too deep.

This is the best here - the view of the Loboc River in Bohol

loboc church

Loboc Church

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  1. Cool!!!!

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  2. sir jobette! magkano estimated budget ninyo sir? i have plan to go to bohol. by the way, nakapunta na ba kayo sa Sugar Beach Resort sa Bantayan Island? punta kayo dun. maganda!!!

    Sugar Beach Resort

  3. The best way ay sa Tobigon and daan if you did not hire any service kasi na a siya v-hire and buses.

    I think you will spend P2000

  4. I love your blog / posting. It is very sincere. However,I think you should go back to grammar school or at the least you should have posted it in Tagalog or Cebuano which is way too cool than English.

  5. I like your forthrightness of your blog. Your opinions are very useful. I am non philipino and you help me understand the culture of the bisayans.

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