These are some pictures for the Minglanilla Election 2010

Election Pictures 2010

This is particularly located in Barangay Tulay Minglanilla. What I like in this election is that poor and rich Filipinos line up themselves without giving any personal favor to anyone except those senior citizen.

Minglanilla Election Pictures 2010

Voters waiting for more that 3 hours to get to their respective precinct

Cebu Election Pictures 2010

The voting machine technician do the insertion to avoid any errors.

Cebu Province Election Pictures 2010

Beside the machine are the poll watchers of various politician

Despite long hour of standing, Filipinos still have the power to joke and smile.
Well it is generally peaceful in the election in this precinct.  The real delay here is due to the number of voting machine compare to the number of precincts. The Commission of Election provides few machine against the number of voters.

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  1. TY!!!

    By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!

  2. naka pic lagi ka sa loob ng voting precinct sir...

    ahehehehehe ang job sir ba kay home based?

  3. ano yung ym mo sir? pwede kita tawagan ngayon or what time bukas?

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