This is not only the first underpass/subway in Cebu but is also the first world class underpass/subway of  Southern Philippines. It is almost half kilometers long and a little darker in the morning but you will see better lighting at night.

This is also considered as the longest underpass construction since the construction of the subway started in the year 2001 way back on my first day in Cebu Province. I am very happy now that this underpass is now done because not only it will shorten or reduce the travel time but also it can now be a pride of the Cebuano's under the legacy of the Osmeña administration and complemented by the RAMA's.

When you pass in this section you will feel a little bit scared because you can't see the tail of the subway. I think this is longer than any Manila Underpass because it will take you about 2 minutes to pass this tunnel. It's a bit boring after several times of passing this subway for now but I guess it's more interesting if they will put some decorations or posters at the sides.

On top of this tunnel is the Malacanang Palace of Cebu.

The temperature inside the tunnel in not quite good actually. It's a little bit warm.

For Cebuano's, never miss to pass this newest historical place of Cebu.

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  1. dili kahadlokan sir? hehehe ingon ang taxi driver tunnel man gud na sa mga Japanese.

  2. While driving alone, medyo nahadluk gamay hehehehe.

  3. hahaha! i see scary jud diay... ke ang taxi driver hadlok makakitag ghost during world war 2. excited unta ko moagi dinha. hahaha.

  4. Haven't tried driving by the tunnel but looks like its a cool place basing on your photos. cheers always!

    Cebu Urbano

  5. Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work..

  6. I hope this will be utilized properly for all travelers in this particular place..

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