One of the exotic Island found near Mactan Island Cebu is Pandanon Island. It's blessed with a natural fine white sand with a stretch of almost 2 kms. circumferential walk around the island.

It has a population of less than 2000 residents with Fishing as the only source of  livelihood. However, its natural white sand is so fine that it could level with Boracay Island. What's nice here is that it is still a virgin island and its not quite saturated. You can see all natural beauty of the island.

From the frontal view of the beach, you can see very small cottages perfect for lovers and can also be for groups with which they can leave their belongings while they are enjoying taking pictures of themselves and the island. Look at that sand and the color of the see, it's looking very clear and clean. For asians who doesn't like to burn their skin from the heat of the sun, you can't resist on burning your skin because you'll be carried away by the beauty of the island's beach.

Since this is a virgin island, expect that you will see simply made cottages and not yet beautifully developed beach.

The Island is also best for company outing, team building, photo shoots and even for small or big group reunions. Upon entering the island, you need to pay an entrance fee of P150/person and P250 if you want to rent a cottage.There is an option of not renting a cottage like if you prefer to consume the rest of your time visiting on the other very cute islands around anyway the boat you rented can serve you whole day of continuous island hopping.

There are  Small Nipa Cottages for tourist and island hoppers who may want to stay a little longer in the island at P250 pesos only. Travel time is only about 2 hours from Cebu Mainland Maribago Island  to Pandanon Island.               

The only problem with this Island is that there is no regular transportation except renting a private motorized boat.

From the Top View, you'll see the beautiful form if the whole island.

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  5. Wish I could go there...

  6. This week is a good time to experience that blasting features about Pandanon Island in Cebu. Since it's Holy Week, many would seek for a place to be with all the family members. How I wish my parents could take a look at that pics and decide to take Pandanon as one of their choices. And if it well be, hopefully we'll be entertained their by their pleasing staffs and have fun.

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  8. do we need to have a reservation? does any one here knows the contact number of the owner/care taker?

    planned to have a summer outing out there!

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