The only way to visit Camotes Island in Cebu Province is through a medium size boat.  There are no air line available in this island except if you have your own huey helicopter.  The 2 most famous beach resorts in Camotos Island are Santiago Bay Garden and Resort and Mangodlong Rock Resort which are each located within the city of San Francisco. The scenic Danao Lake also can be found on the same city.

Here’s the direction for the budget conscious traveller:

1. Ride a Public Jeep to Danao town, North of Cebu (P25) from North Terminal. Actually it is better to ride in a minibus because it is more faster and convenient.

2. If you don’t know or not familiar where to search out that jeep going  to Danao, better try the  Mandaue town and notice the Highway and A.S. Fortuna crossing. In front of Andok’s are several jeepneys.

3. Since the motorized banca leaves Danao for Camotes at 6:00am and 10:30am daily, you need to depart from Cebutown 2 hours earlier. Early morning travels takes but an hour. If you don’t like rushing jeepneys, simply shut your eyes.

4. Purchase a travel ticket and take the motorized banca. (P180)

5. If you simply get seasick, simply sit on the primary level, and within the middle portion. It’s a wavy ride going there. I recommend you ride on the primary trip level.

6. Once you are already in Camotes, take a skygo, Honda, Yamaha and Isuzu type motorbike to the resort of your selection. These motorcycles will accommodate2 folks. Fare is at P50/head for an 8-km ride to Santiago Bay. It isn’t cheap! It is actually expensive but considering they need to travel back to the city without passenger so it is reasonable.

7. If you go there during a peak season like summer, Christmast or any vacation schedule in the Philippines then you need to  prepare for higher   transportation and the bill for the  resort you want to  stay. There are few several  vehicles in there. If you propose to bring your own vehicle, you'll take the MV Melrivic ten that departs from Cebu to Poro, Camotes at 9:00pm each MWF. Make sure you have enough gasoline because there are no Shell station nor Caltex gasoline station there. 

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  1. If you plan to bring vehicles, the multicab and car will cost you P1500 each ride

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