Entrance Fee for the Beach Resort is P20 but if you want to use the swimming pool it will be P100. I think the cottage is P300 while the room is P1000

Travel time from Cebu City to Danao City is 1 hour through North Bus

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  1. Wow. I hope I can get to Cebu few weeks from now so I can go to this resort in Danao. Such a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.

    Great blog for promoting Cebu hotels and resorts.

  2. Hi. We are looking into some options for our batch outing.

    I would really appreciate it very much if you could send me the contact details on the resort.

    Thanks. :)


  3. do you have contact number sa green lagoon?

  4. hello may i ask if the entrance fee is still 20 pesos?how about the cottage?if i will used the pool how much will i pay?please reply coz me and my friends are planning to go there this coming august 20..overnight po kasi..send me more details about your resort.

  5. please send me the details itsmeyenkai@yahoo.com..


  6. can i ask the contact no.of green lagoon.....???

  7. pwede mag over night dnhi ?? 8pm to 7am ??? PLss i need ur reply :) tanx

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