World Writers Day 2011

World Bloggers’ Day 2011 brings the writers from different continents to become listed on, interact, as well as simultaneously provide noise to the world about blogging.

Join the WBD Movement

It’s Planet Bloggers’ Day plus it surely is a worldwide movement.

With all the proliferation with the blogosphere and the achieving of thoughts of nearby bloggers, various blogging residential areas have been shaped and upheld.

On the internet events are usually characterized by these:

  • Publishing any blog write-up about Globe Bloggers’ Day
  • While using WBD badge as profile photo in Fb, Twitter, & other Social Networking Websites
  • Spreading the news about Globe Bloggers’ Day inside forums, along with other community websites.
  • Putting the WBD badge on the blog’s sidebar or post.
  • Sharing press releases and media about Planet Bloggers’ Day in Social Media Sites.
  • Liking the World Bloggers’ Day Fb Fan site and following World Bloggers’ Evening Twitter
  • Twitting regarding WBD and using the actual hashtag #worldbloggersday in Tweets.

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