The cost of bringing multicab to Camotes Island using Jomalia Shipping is P1200. Additional Port Fee of P165. The driver is free so only the other passengers will pay P180 per head for non aircon and P200 for aircon room. P15 per head on Port Fee.

You will not see this view if you are just rending motorcycle or jeep because the drivers do not usually travel in this part of the town. It is farther south of the Camotes Island

Riding the Barge or Boat going to Camotes during summer is safe. I always look for life jacket whenever i ride boats or ships.

The ambiance inside the barge going to Camotes Island

You must be good in driving because they will ask you to load the vehicles backward.

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  1. yes you can bring a multicab to Camotes.... about P 1200 yes/way - Cebu Resort

  2. for sure safety should be the priority in any case. Car transportation in such case dont cost much i think..thanks for reminding to be a good driver.

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