Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes Island Cebu is one of the best resort in Camotes but a little expensive for local tourist like us. It is because they do not have fan room so you need to spend P1600 per night. Mostly visitors that stays here are foreigners like Korean, European and Americans.

Mangodlong Rock Resort on rock view

Mangodlong Rock Resort swimming pool. It is actually small and its looks like prepared for children. No body is swimming because the guest are mostly foreigner which is not enough for the pools size.

Lance really wanted to swim but we do not have time to stay.

Free use of the cottage if you are guess. You will see foreigners in the background.

Jumping in this Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort is common for the local tourist. Have you jump here already?

Mangodlong Rock Resort main cottage area

Mangodlong Rock Resort main attraction scary view and children should be accompanied by adults

They said this Mangodlong Rock Resort is best for night because it has its own lightning

Some guys love challenge and pa cute so they stand near the clip of Mangodlong Rocks

They said it could be a dive spot during high tide and low level waves.

This is how deep the ravin

Mangodlong Rock Resort - Entrance to the rock cottage

Bigger view of the Mangodlong Rock Resort

Mangodlong Rock Resort

If you are planning to spend days in one of the resort in Camotes Island, then you need an early reservation because they are usually full specially those rooms consider as affordable like fan room.

This resort accept visitors for site seeing at P75 per persons.

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  1. Mangodlong Rock Resort? Oh! I love it!

  2. I been there couple of times ago and I plan to back there this month... The people are so friendly...I love Camotes Island.

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