One saturday, our car got problem on radiator so it cause over heat. By saturday the car mechanic in Cebu Minglanilla instructed us to find a second hand car parts or suplus from Japan. So we visit the colo and leon kilat area.

Lucky we found this very professional and quality looking car parts stores located in 98 Borommeo St. Cebu City. The name of the store is Kapitan Parts Center Co. Inc. The service is good and the prices is affordable even the model or brand are the same. Well what we buy are 10 pounds Hydrogen Jack worth P750 while in Gaisano and Sm it will cost us P1000+. We also buy aircon fan worth P1000+. Tire black is only P75, X-Wrench which is P160 and Spray Pain worth P110.

I strongly recommend you to visit this place during canvassing.

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  1. sector there is lack of vertical prestressing, grouting pipe is not full, the seams wrong units, Ma surface and north face coats cracks and other defects. Individual processes in place there is not enough

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