It was operated by Papa Kits. The Lilioan Zip line is less than 1 km away from the town proper. If you came from city via main highway you need to take right turn and drive slowly because the street going to Liloan Zip line is too small to its actual capacity.

Facilities includes:

1. Fish ponds where the family can catch fish and pay the prey in kilos.
2. Banka or paddle boat is paid per hour. I think it P50 per hour.
3. Horse riding is worth P50 per hour too.
5. Bay motorized boat where you will get a chance to encircle the bay.

Prices - the 400 x 2 ziplines is P200 per ride. It does not includes the entrance fee worth 500 pesos. There are vehicles parting in the main gate and there are also parking at the top just 10 meters away from the zip line.

For those adverturer, i am sure you will enjoy this.

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  1. Naa na diay zipline sa Liloan. I wanna check this out but mahal lagi entrance 500.

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